Campari Event Tour

Client: Photos Photiades Group Romania

Product: Alchoholic beverage

Channels: On premise | Social Media

Project overview:

Our consumers were cosmopolitan people looking for an aesthetic lifestyle - when going out, they liked to have refined drinks that fit to their refined lifestyle, and speak about it.

So we gave them what they expected: a fabulous Milano experience.

We invited them to witness a sensorial trip throughout Milano, in which they discovered the ground zero of fashion, design, art, architecture, theatre trends.

We organized a series of thematic parties (complete “tour” of Milano), in Bucharest:

Descopera. Art & Architecture - Barletto Club

Simte. Music & Dance - Colectiv Club

Traieste. Fashion & Design - Barletto Club

The event tour was announced by a PR&VIP event in Class Living by Camelia Sucu and communicated through live posting on Facebook.

The event tour highlights: thematic movie projections, living statues, fashion show, tablet activations and consumer photo sessions on venuses, DJ live sessions.

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