Cofetaria de Acasa

Client: Dr. Oetker

Product: Cake mixes, all range

Channels: On premise | Offices

Project overview:

Our client’s consumers loved easy solutions for great results (modern busy women with less time for complicated cooking and great expectations on the output).

We addressed career women through HR dept. in major companies and organized a 2 hour baking workshop on Fridays with the office employees; we promoted the “work/ life balance” concept (easy bake for the dear ones at home since using Dr. Oetker’s Mixes).

The initiative was launched at Villa Rodizio and guested HR representatives and press. The event was hosted by an actress and her 5 y.o. daughter, pledging for both career and family time – making a demonstration that you could have them both helped by Dr. Oetker’s easy-to bake-products. The message was endorsed by a family psychologist.

Later on,  we visited major companies (Danone, Coca-Cola, Bergenbier etc), inviting people to easy bake with our promoters and MC, and had 6.900 participants in the workshops.

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