Employer branding - Pfizer

Client: Pfizer

Product: Internal Medicine Division

Services: Brand Audit | Internal brand communication | Employer Brand Engagement

Project overview:

Pfizer Romania is a multi-division organization. Each unit has its own set of vision, missions, values, identity, but at the end of the day they come together as a whole, to express the master brand: Pfizer.

In 2016, one of the business units, Internal Medicine, was divided into many others small units.

Our challenge was to develop an internal brand engagement campaign. Working closely to a brand auditor, we firstly organized an internal brand audit and based on its results, we launched a rhetoric platform, for the employees to become aware of the huge impact their job has on people’s life.

Under the creative concept “My Daily Pill of Heroism”, we communicated that they, the professionals working in the Internal Medicine Business Unit - are the silent heroes who positively change patients’ life.

We created meeting points between the brand and the employees – through office branding and branded content during a teambuilding (a fully brand engagement session and branded environment).

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