Foodcare CSR platform

Client: Foodwise Marketing

Product: Foodcare CSR platform

Services: Brand Strategy | Naming | Identity | Online | PR & Events

Project overview:

Foodcare project is Foodwise’s communication platform about food ethics.

It hosts initiatives on resources responsibility and ethical behavior in the Romanian food & beverages industry.

It aims to actively raise respect on food resources and consumers’ education. It is the place where people, organizations and companies meet, to express their involvement in the good lifestyle of our community and to encourage good practice models.

The first communication campaign, #itsoktotakeaway, addressed food waste in HoReCa outlets. We created a kit consisting in a table tent who could easily become a bag for left overs, addressing the restaurant consumers.

We launched this campaign through a brand advocate – Mr. Nicolai Tand, a well-known Romanian chef and restaurateur, during “Taste Ambassadors”, an industry annual event held in Bucharest.

We talked about the project to food bloggers and industry influencers, at 2017 edition of Food Bloggers Conference.

Soon after these, more public voices and restaurants joined the initiative, the message becoming viral in online,  TV and offline (Foodwise Marketing became the CSR partner of Bucharest Street Food Festival), and reaching over 1 million impressions.

The next communication campaign on Foodcare platform will address the residential food waste, by involving the retail outlets.

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