Napolact Bio

Client: Friesland Campina

Product: Napolact Bio

Services: Strategy | Creative | POSM Design | Prepress

Project overview:

In 2020, Napolact BIO changes its communication platform, capitalizing on the territory of family (mom with kids). Under the new platform, the Brand will develop a shopper campaign, customized in the main retailers.

We were able to ensure the visual identity expressed coherently throughout the campaign through a multitude of materials: POSM (wobbler, miniwobbler, neckhanger, posters, EOG branding and easy reach) campaign website, online banners, etc. The campaign was
very attractive for consumers, with a wide variety of prizes, carefully chosen according to the specifics of each retailer - 572 prizes: weekends in nature in special locations, bicycles, scooters, vouchers, smartwatches, drones, peace chairs, picnic baskets, hoverboards, etc.

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