Client: Privileg

Product: Privileg

Services: Identity | Collaterals

Project overview:

On its 20th anniversary, Privileg Catering takes a bold step and decides that the company’s identity should be updated, in line with its values and promises that the team worked by all this time.

The new logo is meant to breathe the company’s every day strive for perfection. It is all about passion, talent and dedication that take each and every dish to a different level.

Thus, every culinary detail will bear the personal signature of the artists from the kitchen, which makes any creation a veritable chef d’oeuvre.

The logotype is the first user generated logo in Romania.

We challenged the Privileg employees to create a unique signature canapé – the very essence of Privileg expertise.  After that, we commissioned a young Romanian painter, to illustrate the winning dish, via watercolor technique, in order to express the art and personal touch, behind every dish.  The resulting illustration is now the Privileg visual icon.

The new identity of Privileg also express perfectly the owner’s interest for fine arts and crafting.

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