Street Foods Festivals

Client: Ursus Breweries

Product: Alchoholic beverage

Channels: Street Food Festivals

Project overview:

In 2018, Timisoreana participated in a series of National Street Food Festivals, in Bucharest, Constanta, Ploiesti, Pitesti, etc


Romexpo: Food Truck Festival – The Big One

Romexpo: Street Food Festival – The Carnival

ParkLake: Street Food In The Park – Summer Edition

ParkLake: Street Food In The Park – Autumn Edition


Food Truck Festival – By The Sea

At the event Timisoreana was present with a mobile bar where consumers were invited by the amphitrions to have the ultimate beer experience through the Perfect Serve: frosty special glass, frothy liquid, balanced taste.

After having the Perfect Serving, people are taken a picture at the Spider and they are given a set of 2 coasters, tied with the tricolor ribbon.

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