Tazovsky - The Roulette

Client: PP Distribution

Product: Tazovsky Vodka

Services: POSM design | Online | Digital | Field execution

Channels: In store | Social media

Project overview:

Two friends enter a supermarket. No, it’s not a joke, but a situation with an unexpected outcome. And that’s because you never know what will happen:  inside jokes, crazy ideas, you never know where this is going, because this is how friends are. What can you do about it? Well… you can support them!

Tazovsky invites you to the best prizing game for friends – you buy a bottle of vodka for all of you, spin the roulette and take a shot and the prizes: weekly - weekends with friends & daily: BBQ sets or camping sets.

The campaign was a real success, the sales growth being comparable with the ones in cold seasons, the peak of vodka consumption.

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