Timisoreana Footbal

Client: Ursus Breweries

Product: Timisoreana

Services: Creative | VR event planning & implementation

Project overview:

Timisoreana was in 2019 the official sponsor of the Romanian Cup competition.

The brand's message addressed the passion for football, the spirit of fair play and glorified the true supporter.

During the competitions, the brand was active in 100 national locations.

Considering the legislation regarding the distribution of alcoholic beverages around and inside the stadiums at the time of the matches, the Timisoreana presence at the matches was based on the distribution of special promotional materials. Activation was based on a mobile application: consumers were invited to test their football knowledge and, depending on the result they were randomly offered gifts (a custom ball/ T-shirt).

In the VIP lounge of the stadium, the consumer was invited to enter the space where he was a true footballer by the VR technology: he was supposed to defend as many goals as possible. Everyone who participated in the VR experience received a random prize (a custom ball / T-shirt).

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