Transilvania Train

Client: Ursus Breweries

Product: Alchoholic beverage

Channels: Transilvania Train

Project overview:

Timisoreana has accompanied for the second consecutive year the travelers of Transylvania Train, a project that contains a series of premium cultural experiences for the passengers.

Besides activating with the Timisoreana brewers, this year, Timisoreana was associated with a gastronomic event, supported by a chef with reputation and visibility in the digital environment, offering people a show that had as the main character the beer.

The legend of the journey reflected the story of the brand, by pointing some representative moments in Timisoreana history, together with the natural steps of the traveled by the passengers within the Transylvania Train.

The project also benefited from online promotion through the voice of two influencers, Diana Cosmin and Vlad Eftenie, who made Timisoreana “Journey Trip”, which offered the brand the opportunity to address new audiences from the influential communities.

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