WineWay Concept Store

Client: Halewood Wines and Spirits

Product: WineWay Concept Store

Services: Brand Strategy | Naming | Identity | Interior Design

Project overview:

Halewood Wines & Spirits launched its first wine concept store, a remarkable retail project through its services and architectural design.

As its name suggests, WineWay brings the most appreciated wines right into the consumers’ glass, setting the goal to lead the trend in the retail market.

WineWay is bringing under the same umbrella a fresh identity and a warm architectural concept that reunites a vast portfolio of producers the world has to offer.

The brand has built its strategy on its credo: “Everybody deserves a good one”, creating a unique, cozy space for the consumers – “the casual wine store” where wines from all over the world tell their stories in a friendly, accessible way, so as even the less knowledgeable can equally rejoice at experiencing a good glass of wine at the correct price.

The journey towards discovering and appreciating the wine and its complexities is meant to lead to great enjoyment and satisfaction through the best customer experience.

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